Backyard Makeover

So as every pool owner knows, they don’t last forever, and they are basically a giant ass money pit. Well, the time came this summer to resurface our pool. If you have not yet lived through this take my word for it, one of the biggest hassles ever. Not to mention expensive. Ok, enough of my first world woes. Point being, our pool rehab sucked our entire outdoor budget right down the tubes.

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Count me down, but not out. This is how I did a back yard make over with next to nothing. First some photos of the money pit in action.

IMG_2850 (1)

Total disaster right? Not to mention, our dog had to pee in the front yard while all this demo was going on. He hates that.

image1 (2)

First coat on. Look at how gross the cool decking is around the coping.

IMG_3331 (1)

Our new stamped concrete. It’s better looking than the cool decking and less expensive than actual stone.

IMG_3325 (1)


So I told you this makeover was cheap, but my friends, it was not easy. I stained and sealed our entire fence with my own bare hands, not really, I wore gloves. I used shades of stain that were sitting in the garage, I watered it down because I wanted a rustic look. The wood is naturally weathered so it absorbed more in some places than others. The seal is just regular, cheap, poly. Super hard work but I’m happy with the result. I grabbed all my plants mid to late season so they were all super cheap. I tried to get as many perennials as possible. The gold sunbursts were all already here, just spruced them up with my favorite gold spray paint.


My cute little bistro was a mothers day gift and the red umbrella was $14.99 on amazon. (Fred insisted on being in every single picture, he is a camera whore.)


Our tiny palm in the corner was cheap because it’s late season and he’s a runt. It was a must have because the tree that used to live in the corner died. The corner was naked and awkward.

FullSizeRender (27)

We put up a little grill gazebo to protect our Traegar. My love for the Traeger will be a separate post. The gazebo was purchased with amazon gift cards. The bar stools we already had, so I sprayed them with Rustoleum. My husband helped reupholster the cushions with “sunbrella” fabric. ($12) They are indoor stools so I don’t know how long they will make it outside, but they were headed for the curb anyways.

FullSizeRender (28)

My little rock garden is just that, random rocks. The Aloe plant was a hussle from the palm tree place. Glass planters are just cleaned out jars. Free, Free, Free.

FullSizeRender (29)

I threw a coat of spray paint on our park lights, they are 11 years old and the paint helped so so much.  All of the hanging baskets and pots are the cheap plastic pots that come with the plants. I spray paint them with whatever metallic “earthy” looking spray paint I can find.

FullSizeRender (30)


This adorable bench was a gift from a sweet friend and it is perfect next to another discount baby palm. That planter box is what the palms are transported in. I asked to keep one because my husband and I both liked it. Maybe next year I’ll stain that too. Anyways, it was FREE.

FullSizeRender (31)

This is our existing gazebo that just needed a little spruce. I grabbed these canvas curtains in the sale bin at Bed, Bath and Beyond. $14.99 because they are “online only” and someone returned them to the store. Only problem is I could use one more set, but you know I am NOT paying full price for some outside curtains.

FullSizeRender (32)

FullSizeRender (33)

So there it is kids. Hopefully everything makes it through winter and the baby palms grow. Keep me posted with your DIY makeovers.


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