Pick My Dress, PLEASE

Happy Sunday Everyone!

I promised myself I’m going to be on top of the holiday season this year. I’m sure that’s going to last a whole two days, but whatever, I’m trying.

So what’s worse than dress shopping during the holidays? I’ll wait ……..

Yea, nothing! Especially when you HAVE to find the right dress. Crowded malls, crappy selection, messy dressing rooms, and bitchy salespeople (I don’t blame them). Sounds like fun right? Only if you’re a masochist.

Girls, you know I got you! One of my besties put me on Rent the Runway a few years ago. It’s a game changer! You rent quality designer dresses for next to nothing. They have a really nice selection for every price range. You pay less to rent a designer dress, than a carpet steamer. Come On !!!


You HAVE to try it on right? No, you get two sizes and detailed reviews with photos. Match your body type with one of the ladies, and you get a good idea of what the dress will look like on you. You also see the dress in multiple lighting conditions. Worse case scenario, you hate your dress. Call Rent the Runway up, I’ve heard some amazing things about what they will do to make a customer happy.

Grab a glass of vino and spend a little time on the site, reading reviews and looking at dresses. This is still quicker and much less painful than mall shopping.

Back to the matter at hand. My husband’s work Christmas party is my least favorite event to shop for. So please help me out and vote on these dresses. I tried to mix up my choices this year. (For someone who wears all black every day, this is mixing it up.)

#1 Silk Faille Tulip Skirt Dress by Halston

#2 Black Joselyn by NHA KHANH

#3 Royal Blue Belle by Halston

#4 Two-Tone by Halston

#5 Queen Beaded Party Dress by Pamela Roland

#6 FIFI by Slate and Willow

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