Win the award of life

The award that Olive received is recognizing her kindness, ability to include others , following directions, and just being an awesome human.

None of that surprises me. She has exceeded my expectations of kindness and maturity from the day she was born.

What I am most proud of… is not this award. It is WHEN she received it. This year has been the single most challenging year of her life.

She doesn’t know it , but she was faced with some real challenges this year. Her parents got divorced, she moved , and her mommy went to work full time.

I am proud of the person she is,  and I always have been. But this award makes me more proud than anything. This shows that she thrived in the face of adversity.

If it all went bad this year I would have understood. But she thrives in the face of adversity, that “brings me to my knees proud”.

You can not teach that.

You can not give that.

That my sweet baby is your character.

There is no measure of my pride for you today and everyday.

You amaze me and reward me in a way I’ve never been worthy of.

You are my heart and soul, and my guide in this motherhood thing .IMG_5944.JPG


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