Ugly Office Makeover

Hey guys,

This has got to be my favorite summer project. Mostly because it means I don’t have to write these blogs from the chaos of the kitchen anymore. So this really weird room was an add on to our house from the previous owner. He wanted a “workshop” so he butchered our 2 ½ car garage and created this space. I am only grateful for it now that I have been kicked out of two home offices spaces in the last two years. That’s what happens when you have kids. They take all your space, and your sanity. Anyways, we used this little box room for tools, crafts, storage, junk, and finally I got tossed in here as well.


It’s behind the laundry room so I guess that seems like a good place for mom. This room was tricky because in the south you can’t store tools or paint in the garage, everything rusts down here. I pulled some serious organization out here and ta-da!!! I have an office that I love and it was so cheap. Literally, so cheap my husband didn’t even know it happened.



This screams inspiration right? Like how the hell can I write funny shit in this dump?




The wood trim had never been finished so our dog really liked to chew it. Awesome right?


Total nightmare! Except the baby, she’s cute .


So I painted the trim white, and the ugly wood cabinets gray. All paint we already had so it cost nothing.



DO NOT be afraid of stripes! It was so much easier than I thought. I did actually buy frog tape but I had all the paint already. I found these curtains in the closet.




I threw a coat of gold spray paint on my desk accessories.




So I hate the look of adjustable metal shelving but it serves a purpose. So when I have to keep something I don’t like… I spray paint that shit GOLD ! BAM! Gold canvas totes, $9.99 at Bed , Bath and Beyond. Cost me $0.00 because I had gift cards!


Instead of cluttering my life with post it’s I decided to actually get some boards and use them.


The ugly bookcase was another necessary evil. So to make it less ugly I turned it into a bar bookcase. Booze always makes things less ugly. Not that I drink while I write or craft, but the option is there, ya know? The bottom bins are old freezer bins, from my old freezer. Don’t ask me why I kept them but I’m glad I did. Gold spray paint and now the kids have a craft bin of their own. Yes, I put a kid craft bin on my “Bar-case”, go ahead judge me . Don’t care, don’t care at all.

*If you decide to make a “Bar-case” of your own, with a kid bin. Don’t forget to anchor that shit to the wall. Safety first guys.*


Little jars for craft storage. Easy peasey!


Little welcome center for mail and keys. All spray painted stuff I have been hoarding. I had the baskets as well. You can just screw baskets right into the wall. Who knew?

IMG_3874 (1)

So that’s it!!! I’m pretty happy with the turnout, and it was a fun project. Tell me about your summer makeovers!!!



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