Mom Friends You Need

A couple months ago I wrote about the moms I just can’t be friends with. You can read that here.

Mom’s I just can’t with.

Now, I want to tell you about the moms I can’t live without. If you have seen any of these mom’s in action, consider friend-ing them. If you are one of these moms, much love to you.


Pack It All Mom- whenever you do anything with “pack it all mom”, you basically have no worries. You forgot wipes? Snacks? She’s got it, and she brought extra for your kids. She made cookies for play date and yes, they are organic and yes, she checked everyone’s allergies. Girl has got the kitchen sink organized neatly in the back of her SUV. My pack it all friend isn’t even a mom. However, she’s totally clutch in all situations. You can spot a pack it all mom, by the travel sized bottle of anti-bacterial hanging from her purse.

635896125342846334-2001076623_Mary Poppins Bag

Hot Mess Mom- no matter how late you are, you can count on “Hot Mess Mom” to be later. She’s frazzled, and always has a hilarious story to tell. No matter what you have done to your children, Hot Mess Mom can top it. You can tell her anything and she will just laugh. No mom shame from this lady. She didn’t even take her store-bought cookies and put them in Tupperware. “Hot Mess Mom” doesn’t care, and we love her for that.



Career Mom- I’m talking 40 hours a week, overtime, travel time, and homework. “Career Mom” is killing it, and she ain’t making no apologies. Sometimes we get lost in “mom world” and we need career mom’s advice. She has connections, a lawyer, and can pull strings like a mother, literally. She never wanted to be a stay at home mom; but equally appreciates your comforting words, when she breaks down in a business meeting, because her baby has a fever.

Sometimes it's possible to have it all

100 Kids’ Mom- this is your clutch mom friend, even if she doesn’t have 100 kids of her own. (Mine only has 3). She’s got nieces and nephews, and has babysat a ton of babes. 100 Kid Mom can identify a rash by a text pic. You name it, her kid has had it, she has seen it, and girl has a plan for you. Since she has a ton of kids, she’s cool and calm. She will talk you off the ledge, and reassure you everything will be OK. Also, 100 Kid Mom is not easy to freak out. She will hang with you even if your kid is sick. Her immune system is as solid as her advice.


Glam Mom- “Glam Mom” is an essential friend to have , mom or not. My “Glam Mom” is a hair stylist, so she’s up on “the latest”. Your Glam Mom may be lovely, but she’s also real as fuck. She’ll tell you exactly how much product she has used, and how much it cost. Glam Mom can point you to the best products, and the most flattering looks. Glam Mom will tell you her gorgeous necklace was only $5. She will also have the balls to tell you your current look isn’t working for you, and will offer to help- a – sista out. Glam Mom doesn’t always look glamorous, but her love for beauty shines through. We need glam mom to tell us when it’s time to focus on ourselves, and remind us that being a mom doesn’t have to mean being a slob.



Don’t Play Mom-  “Don’t Play Mom is an easy friend because, you always know right where you stand with her. This mamma tells it how it is, and doesn’t always do so in a PC way. Basically, Don’t Play Mom says what everyone else is thinking. Only two rules with this mom, be real and don’t ever mess with her babies. Don’t Play Mom is fierce, and quick to take her earrings out. Stay on this mom’s good side, she is the best ally you can have. Rumor has it, Don’t Play Mom keeps brass knuckles in her diaper bag.



So there you have it. My list of “must have” mom friends. Tag your mom friends that you are so lucky to have. I’m pretty sure my, must have mom friends will be able to identify themselves. Until next time…





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