So if you know me personally you know I hate asking for help. I’m really stubborn, and I’m an animal lover. This post pretty much culminates all three of those things. I’m asking you guys to help me save these three dogs, because I refuse to give up on them.

Here’s the story…

For those of you who don’t already know, 3 puppies were dumped in my neighborhood on Thanksgiving evening. They found their way to my house Friday morning. Of course my dad just happened to be standing outside, and saw them almost get hit by a car. At the time we assumed that someone’s pets had gotten loose. The dogs spent the rest of the day in my backyard, and I spent the rest of the day trying to find their home. Finally someone on my neighborhood website told me that they had seen the dogs being dumped at the church up the road late Thursday evening. Mystery solved.

I spent the next 3 days calling, emailing, and  posting to every shelter, rescue and foster I could find. Literally hundreds of people, places and organizations, not one could help me. My last resort was my local animal shelter. When I spoke to them they were completely honest in saying the dogs would have 3 days before they were euthanized and once I surrendered them there was nothing I could do to stop it. Puppies almost always get sick upon arrival, and at the first sign of illness they have to be put down. I was also told that if I didn’t have any luck finding them a foster or a home in three days, the animal shelter certainly would not. Now listen, I am 100% not blasting the shelter or the people who work there. There are 700 animals in one county system. They are understaffed. The fosters are full. There is NO solution to this problem. The dogs will be euthanized, and I am so grateful that they had the balls to tell me the truth.

Would I ordinarily just foster the dogs, YES. Unfortunately, I’m not in the position to do that anymore. I am especially not equipped to take on 3 dogs. I have my own pets. (Foster fails) I’m a newly single mom. I have some heavy shit going on right now, and I don’t financially, physically, or logistically have the means to do that. Everyone told me that I went way above and beyond and there was just nothing else I could do. The lady from the shelter gave me one more phone number to try. My last resort. The woman i called couldn’t take the dogs either but she gave me an option. It was the only option beside signing the dogs death sentence. So here we are.

She offered me a spot at a boarding kennel. She also took the time to listen to my story and offered to help me network the dogs and find forever homes. So that is amazing, and she is a total angel. The problem is this sweet lady is running her own foster and is paying to board her own fosters, until they are adopted. This was the ONLY person, out of over 100 people that gave me a tangible option. So in order to save the dogs I put my money where my mouth is, and I’m paying for their temporary housing. I am getting boarding at a “foster rate”, but these pups are already very close to their financial limit.

How Can You HELP?

I’m not going to go pity party on you guys. I’m super aware that no one has a ton of extra money laying around. I’ve been really blessed in this life, and I am not complaining whatsoever. I am asking for a favor. If your going to buy your pets something for Christmas, or if you’re thinking of changing your pets food, check out my website. I’m working with this amazing company called paw tree and we have some really great products. I’ve been using and selling their products for a few months now and I’m really happy with everything I have tried. My clients, and most importantly my vet is using paw tree and everyone has been thrilled. I make commission on what you guys buy from me, and my commission goes straight to the foster dogs. I’m going to link my page here and below. I’m also going to explain a little bit about the cost of fostering.

So to make a dog adoptable they have to be vetted. Lots of vets work with fosters to get discounted rates. I’m not working through an organization and the dogs needed shots before they could step one paw into the kennel. There is no way I can pay 3 vet bills, so I went to the livestock feed store, bought the puppy vax sets, and I vaccinated the dogs myself. Fosters buy their own food, toys, treats, and most of the time flea, tick, and heart worm meds. Fosters also spend a fortune in gas driving their dogs to adoption meetings, vet appointments, and if the dogs are boarded, they drive to socialize and train the dogs. Not to mention cages, beds, leashes, harnesses, etc. Needless to say, it’s extremely costly to foster.

I’m asking you guys to support my business and support these dogs because I believe they deserve a great life.

So let’s meet the dogs. 

IMG_1921 (2)

Jasper Stone– He is the boy of the pack and he is the most gorgeous brindle I have ever seen. Jasper has giant paws and a giant heart. He is a very calm boy and will lay next to you as long as you want. Jasp sits for snacks and is getting good at walking on a leash. Since all 3 babies had an encounter with a skunk before they arrived at my house, I quickly learned that Jasper loves getting baths.


Charlotte Grace – My 6 year old named her Charlotte and I gave her Grace because of her lack there of. This sweet girl has some long lanky legs that sometimes get the best of her. She is my delicate flower and is very sensitive and attentive. Charlotte loves to lay in the sun and play rope. Charlotte is getting good at understanding commands and is also a great car rider. Charlotte deserves a home where she will be treated like the princess she is.

IMG_1920 (1)IMG_1988 (2)IMG_1919 (1)

Emma Lou– Emma is small but mighty. She is the smallest pup but definitely always stealing the show. Emma learned to sit for treats instantly. She also learned how to annoy her brother and sister when they are relaxing. Emma Lou is curious and outgoing and loves toys. She is always up to something and keeps me laughing.

IMG_1918 (1)IMG_1983IMG_1964

All 3 of these dogs are sweet and loving. They are all very happy and grateful for a meal and a little attention. It always amazes me how resilient animals can be. It also always amazes me how attached I get in just a few days.

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