1st Day of Preschool Blues

My Dear Eva Diva

I thought sending your sister to kindergarten was hard, but wow. This is my hardest day. O my little baby. From the second I found out you were in my belly until today, I’ve been with you, protecting you. I’ve been crying over you. I’ve been in love with you. I thank god for our rough road. If it hadn’t of been so rough, who knows what our bond would look like. But it was, and you were the baby I almost lost. You are my miracle, you are my fighter. You are my Eva Diva. You are the girl I prayed harder for than I have ever prayed in my life. You are my perfect blue-eyed angel meant to change me forever, and you did, and you still do.

Nothing with you has ever been easy. Not your pregnancy, not your delivery, not your personality. Not your milestones, and definitely not potty training. The only thing easy about you, is how easy it is to love you. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

As contrary as you can be, I am confident you are the most beautiful child to walk this earth. People just stop and stare at you. They kill themselves trying to get your attention. It doesn’t seem to faze you. You are something else. You and your stone-cold eyes and your pursed lips.

When they told me you had a developmental delay, I immediately thought, she’s a supermodel. Everyone has their flaws, but shit, no one looks like her. You are stunning. But that’s not all. You are detail oriented and smart. When you speak, it’s significant. You are funny and quick witted. You are assertive, and determined, and so damn stubborn. You are charming without saying a word. You are special, and we have worked so hard to get you here. We have worked so hard to make you average. You are so far from average my love, you are extraordinary. You humble me, and I thank god every day that I am your mother.

So today I turn you over. To people who don’t know you or I, and I pray. I pray that they see the soul that lives in you. I pray that they teach you, and appreciate you. I pray that you thrive, and have so much fun. I pray that you make friends and play. I pray that you remember to go to the potty. You’re ready for preschool. So, I let you go, with tears running down my face under my dark glasses and placid smile. You show the world who you are baby! And you never forget that to the world you may just be one person, but to one person, you are the world.

I love you D!







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