My New Obsession

Ok, so the title of this post is mildly creepy, I know this.

Moving on… my new favorite thing to do after my kids go to bed is watch YouTube videos on hair and makeup. I used to read tutorials just for ideas and inspiration, but this is so much easier. I mean who the hell has the energy to read after you take care of kids all day. God, give me strength!!!

Anyways, I happened upon a couple of dolls who are amazing, and thought it was worth a share.

#1- Jaclyn Hill

Awesome makeup artist ! She literally gives me life ! Like I want to jump out of bed and start doing my makeup. I don’t because I’m exhausted but I love her style. She’s very comprehensive and she uses a bunch of products I love. Check her out !!!


#2- Promise Tangeman

You will know why I love her instantly. She is a fellow “big-hair” soul sista. Really cool style, and awesome videos to get your hair PUMPED.


 #3 Grace

You NEED to watch this girls videos. My fav is her “eyebrow” video, it seriously helped me out so much. She is freakin’ adorable and if you don’t think so , you might not have a soul. Also, Grace is a mommy doing her makeup thing, which is awesome!


I am going to keep updating this page for you guys, and also get some actual links to follow. Please bear with me as I am computer illiterate.

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