First Birthday Party Hell

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If you’ve ever thrown your child a very elaborate birthday party, you can probably relate to this post. I’m all about throwing parties, any reason to celebrate is right up my alley. However, I recently hosted my second elaborate 1st birthday party and was smacked in the face by the reality of it all.

First of all, one year olds have no friends. They barely have teeth and their vocabulary max is five words. So who the hell are you throwing a party for? Other one year olds, who by the way, could also give a shit less about your party.

So you are throwing a party for either your friends or your other kids friends. Awesome. Now we can scour the internet for totally unrealistic, completely adorable, 1st birthday themes and ideas.  You become consumed with pining every single giant number one photo collage Pinterest has to offer. To hell with dinner kids, mommy is party planning.

Hours pass by and so did that bottle of merlot. Next thing you know you are searching amazon for a life size giraffe stuffy and singing cupcake toppers. These ideas are amazing, you’re amazing, mother of the freakin’ year, YES.

So you wake up in cold sweats over party favors and a fondant cake. Just then you realize that your husband said something about a budget and not going “overboard”. What? What the hell was he even talking about? Our daughter only turns ONE once, ya know? We are making priceless memories here!

Only weeks later will you return from momzilla mode to reality. You may be able to admit that the amount of stress and pressure that party caused was totally unreasonable, or you may still be in denial, like myself.


Psycho 1st Birthday Mom

IMG_2281 I just wanted to add this super awesome wreath my friend Kendra made for the party.

IMG_2209 The picture my father in law did for the 1st Birthday ! I love it !

One thought on “First Birthday Party Hell

  1. But after all said and done, the birthday party was a success! With photos in hand, many years later, you, hubby and the girls will have wonderful memories. Love, your MOM xoxox

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