Magic Hair Wand(Babyliss Nano Miracurl Steamtech Machine)


I am super excited to tell you guys about this magic curling wand. I know, I know, total BS right?

curling wand

When my cousin Heather starting talking about this fabulous tool that gave her these beautiful curls, I immediately envisioned her cute little head smoking and singed.

 Why? Because this freaking thing sucks your hair into a barrel. Yeah, no thanks, call me when you’re getting an involuntary pixie just to free yourself. Also, does anyone use the “Flobee” anymore? NO, because your hair is not meant to be vacuumed.


Curiosity got the better of me and I’m so glad it did. Cousin with the magic curling wand was at my house last week, and I agreed to have my locks potentially ripped from my scalp. That didn’t happen, in fact it was quite the opposite. Pictured below is my hair, so as you can see it’s pretty long. No pulling, tugging, or singeing occurred, just these amazing curls. The curls stayed until my next wash, and there was no visible end splitting (like with the curling iron). So it’s a total win in my book.


Short hair? Here’s Heather, rocking curls with an “above the shoulders” cut.

FullSizeRender (5)

This is the exact tool that was used on my hair.

(Babyliss Nano Miracurl Steamtech Machine)

curling wand


Disclaimer: If you buy another brand, don’t cuss me out if it doesn’t work. I can only vouch for what I have used. Also, don’t be an idiot; read the directions and follow them. No one is responsible for the idiot.

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