About Me

Hi Guys,

I’m Sarah, and this is my blog Slightly Sarah. I’m only slightly Sarah now because I’m mostly, mom, and wife, and daughter, friend, or whatever else you want to call me. Like most moms, I sort of lost my identity after having kids. That is exactly why I write this blog.


Before I became a mother at age 27, I thought I knew exactly who I was. I was a hustler. Not like the drug dealing kind. Just a young woman, always on my grind. It was nothing for me to hold two or three jobs, while studying full time to finish my psychology degree. Real-estate and retail sales were my specialty. Needless to say; the day my first daughter was born everything changed. The only business I cared about existed in the four walls of my home. I believe that if my career had been my true path and passion I would have continued on.

Fast Forward:

After struggling with who I was as a new mom, stay at home mom, mother of two, it hit me like a bus. I began working on my doula certification and writing this blog, and never looked back. I love working with women and babies. I love being able to help a fellow parent, even if it’s just with a little comic relief.

The facts:

I have a super handsome husband who is nowhere to be found on this site, because he is conservative, and private, and has a big kid job.

My husband and I have two girls, a 1-year-old and a 3-year-old.

If I change out of my yoga pants, my kids know we are going somewhere awesome.

I’m obsessed with my crazy dysfunctional family and friends. Normal people really bore me.

If I could bring one celebrity back from the dead, it would be Amy Whinehouse.


The End



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