Wedding Story- Part One- A “not so”, destination, Destination Wedding

Step One: Finding a venue for the big day

 It’s a destination wedding!

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To the tropical islands? To the European countryside? Nope, to south central Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania you ask? My husband is a central Pa native and I’m a Midwestern transplant, so the majority of our family and friends are still in the area. We are the odd birds that flew south.



 So onto finding a venue from across the country. Now don’t get me wrong, Central Pennsylvania has lots of beautiful wedding venues. There are more than a few gorgeous locations offering excellent catering and all extras for your special day. These venues also offer skilled wedding planners to help you along the way. However, I just happen to be a very detail oriented person, some may say a “control freak”. OK, everyone says that, and it’s true. Giving up even the smallest of details to a total stranger is my worst nightmare. Not to mention I had a very specific idea of what I wanted. I mean this wedding has been in the works for like 5 years. Just before I started pulling my hair out, a wonderful friend stepped in…

Barbara Ann has been in the wedding business for a very long time, but never like this before. Working at Boscov’s department store, as a full time bridal consultant for 25+ years, Barbara Ann is the go to lady when it comes to tying the knot. I mean that very literally, I’m going to her house to get married.


               Barbara Ann and her husband John, will host their very first wedding at their residence this June. I’m very excited to tell you that this wedding is mine. No, this isn’t a new business venture, well at least not yet anyway. These two very kind people, offered up their home to my husband and I, as a simple favor. Crazy right?

               I started working with Barbara Ann in 2003, right before I graduated high school. Despite our age gap we became really good friends. I think we recognized a kindred spirit in one another. From bridal shows and registries, throwing retirement parties for co-workers, and rescuing shelter dogs, Barbara Ann and I were always up to something. When she offered her home for my wedding, I wasn’t sure how everything would fall into place. But after hearing all the restrictions of the venues in my home town, my choice was clear. After almost 5 years, we were back in the wedding business together.


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               Throwing a wedding at a private residence can be tricky business, you are starting from scratch. There are no packages to pick from. There is no one making sure you have everything together. It just so happens, that I have my own wedding planning dream team. My parents, in-laws, bridesmaids, Barbara Ann and John have been so amazing. They have made sure I have everything covered. I really love how this wedding has brought us all together, everyone has a unique part. This wedding is 100 % my husband and I, all of our organic ideas and creativity coming to life. It’s our style. A little classic tradition mixed with some relaxed glam. The fact that this private residence is totally gorgeous doesn’t hurt either.


               Barbara Ann and John have a two story, red brick, colonial on acres of rolling green.  Matured cherry blossom trees line the long, winding, drive. Nestled in front of a local vineyard, it’s very quiet and serene. I love the vibe of the property. When I first mention this beautiful location as a wedding venue option, my husband looked at me like I was crazy. The idea of bringing an entire wedding together ourselves probably scared him to death. That, and I can be a bit overwhelming at times. He paced around the property for a few minutes and that was it. He was sold. The rest is wedding history my friends. Well, not yet.


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 I took a million phone interviews, did a ton of research. We reviewed referrals, web pages, bridal magazines, the whole nine yards. One by one, each part of this puzzle came together. Sure we still have some details up in the air, but it will all come together, right?

Stay tuned for Wedding Story Part-2 All the Moving Pieces.


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