Nails on fleek

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Hey dolls,

I wanted to write you all a really quick post about some nail polish. Yes, I know there are more important things in life but I’m excited about this shit ok. I was shopping at the Kroger and I saw OPI had a line of Gel polishes. I love OPI and that is really the only brand of nail polish I buy so I haven’t jumped on the “Gel Manicure at home” train yet. Well, chooo chooo hunny!

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Wedding Pics

I don’t think these pictures need a lot of my yammering, just enjoy.

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A Wedding Story Part 4 – DIY follow up & all the awesome Details


So I feel like I have been waiting forever to write this post. I wanted to wait for my professional pictures because honestly I knew nothing could do it justice like Justin’s photo’s. Which by the way, if you need an awesome photographer please check out . You will find Justin there. In fact, everyone in part 2  killed it. I was super lucky. So I’m just going to rattle everything off at you guys, enjoy my random blabbing.

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Fishing Message

Hey Guys,

I’m off and running for our last summer vacation and WEDDING. So much to do and so little time. My laundry is not even done yet, and the kids aren’t packed. I think I need a spray tan, right?  AHHHHHHH! Anyway, I’m about to go into beast mode “travel mom”. I’ll be back in a couple weeks with lots of fun stories and sarcasm. In the meantime, follow me on Instagram ( slightly_sarah ).


Love, love, love



(This is my daughter and I on a camel ride this spring. Totally irrelevant but it was so fun.)

Wedding Story Part-3. A DIY Wedding


This wedding has involved a ton of DIY projects. Mostly because I am a creative person, surrounded by a bunch of equally creative people. DIY’ing has also saved us money, and offered some originality that may otherwise be lost.

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Wedding Story Part-2. All of the moving pieces

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Hosting a wedding at a private residence is like starting with a totally blank slate. It’s totally awesome and yet very overwhelming at the same time.

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Wedding Story- Part One- A “not so”, destination, Destination Wedding

Step One: Finding a venue for the big day

 It’s a destination wedding!

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Where it all began, the 1st wedding

My husband and I got married a few years ago at our local JP. We did this because planning a wedding takes time, and I was the slowest. If we would have waited for my super slow wedding plans to kick in, we may have retired still being engaged.

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