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Hey dolls,

I wanted to write you all a really quick post about some nail polish. Yes, I know there are more important things in life but I’m excited about this shit ok. I was shopping at the Kroger and I saw OPI had a line of Gel polishes. I love OPI and that is really the only brand of nail polish I buy so I haven’t jumped on the “Gel Manicure at home” train yet. Well, chooo chooo hunny!

I wanted a fall color but this is what the Kroger had today, so I got it. I’m not dragging tired, hungry kids all over God’s creation for a better color. Anyway, I got home, fed the babes, shoved them in bed and did my nails. This was a really easy 3 step process, no special lights needed. One coat color coverage, dried quick.

Right now I’m happy, like a pig in shit, or whatever that phrase is. So the bad news is it was $11.99 a bottle, now again, at the Kroger. You can probably get a better deal, if this set works I’ll be looking for one. I also have no idea how this is going to hold up, but I’ll keep you posted.  If anyone has any feedback, please share with me.










5 Days later

Hey Guys,

Follow-up on the OPI at home Gel polish is a win. How can I write a win after 5 days? This was a pretty intense 5 days for my nails.

I did some scuff sanding on a DIY project, waxed the granite counter-tops, bathed the dog, hand-washed three loads of dishes, and cleaned my house top to bottom.

All of those things are always cause for a chip or break.

Check it out !!!!


I am really happy with this polish, now to find a color I like more.

Happy Labor Day weekend!

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