Where it all began, the 1st wedding

My husband and I got married a few years ago at our local JP. We did this because planning a wedding takes time, and I was the slowest. If we would have waited for my super slow wedding plans to kick in, we may have retired still being engaged.

We said our vows on a Friday, in February at a small town courthouse. I wore my favorite pair of  Manolo Blahnik heels with ripped jeans and a black blazer. The judge loved love so much he did free weddings on Fridays in his office. He was super kind and did a beautiful ceremony.

Our 16-month old daughter stood between us as our witness. (Yes, we had a baby out of wedlock, I’ll wait as you recover from the scandal.)


(This is our 1st daughter on the way to the courthouse)

We celebrated with steaks on the grill and a great bottle of wine. It was perfect, but not quite the wedding of our dreams. Mostly because our family all lives far away, so no one actually saw us take our vows. I continued planning our dream wedding at a turtles pace ,when we found out our second daughter was on the way. Neither of us minded postponing the big day for that adorable little bundle.


( The postponement bundle )

Now I am a stay at home mom with all the time in the world to plan an elaborate celebration.  Yea right! Birthdays, play dates, and ballet classes rule my world. However, having two little girls makes you want to create a perfect memory of their parents wedding day. So years later, here we go. We are finally throwing the wedding of our dreams.


( On the beach, the day my husband proposed )

Stay Tuned for Wedding Story- Part 1. A not so “destination”, destination wedding.

Anyone else have a super long engagement? Share your story!

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