Holy Party People

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Well two full months after the wedding, I am back at it again. No, not another wedding, trust me, never again! Another party though, actually two parties. One baby shower for my sweet Heather, and one christening reception for my youngest daughter.  The baby shower has lots of surprises, so I’ll share that on a separate post later.

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A Wedding Story Part 4 – DIY follow up & all the awesome Details


So I feel like I have been waiting forever to write this post. I wanted to wait for my professional pictures because honestly I knew nothing could do it justice like Justin’s photo’s. Which by the way, if you need an awesome photographer please check out https://slightlysarahblog.com/2016/05/22/wedding-story-part-2-all-of-the-moving-pieces/ . You will find Justin there. In fact, everyone in part 2  killed it. I was super lucky. So I’m just going to rattle everything off at you guys, enjoy my random blabbing.

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