Wedding Story Part-3. A DIY Wedding


This wedding has involved a ton of DIY projects. Mostly because I am a creative person, surrounded by a bunch of equally creative people. DIY’ing has also saved us money, and offered some originality that may otherwise be lost.

Let’s start with the basic flowers. I used the life-touch flowers from Michael’s craft store to make these bouquets and boutonnieres. I did this because during every wedding, keeping the “carry” flowers fresh is a chore. These guys won’t wilt or take up room in the refrigerator.

We are using fresh flowers from SAM’s club for the arrangements. Keeping it simple and clean we are going with all white. I have a very talented friend, who has offered to help me with the actual arranging, so no need to involve a florist.

There just so happens to be a vineyard behind our wedding location, so we have incorporated some wine theme ideas. My favorite being, this arbor that my Dad is building. The photo is mid-build but I already love how it’s turning out.

image2 (1)

One of my bridesmaids is supper crafty with cork, so between her and my mom, another crafty lady, we have some awesome wine cork crafts.

Along with the arbor, my Dad is making a whiskey barrel bar, and guest book bench.

My father-in-law is a bit of a botanist, so I can’t wait to see the hanging baskets and potted arrangements.

This is my idea board for my flower girls. One of my bridesmaid’s mother is so kindly making both my daughters, and my flower girl’s dresses. She is an amazing seamstress, so I have no doubt they will be adorable.


So I guess it’s pretty obvious that we are going with the vintage black, white,and gold theme here. I love this palette because it is so versatile. It’s classic and fun and even gets a little rustic. There are 1,000 other DIY wedding projects I want to share with you guys, but I don’t want to spoil any surprises. So check back soon for the final post , THE BIG DAY!

Here are a couple more of my idea boards.

Share your wedding DIY projects with me, and tell me about your big day!

Now, I have to go for a run so my wedding dress will fit. lol

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