Wedding Story Part-2. All of the moving pieces

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Hosting a wedding at a private residence is like starting with a totally blank slate. It’s totally awesome and yet very overwhelming at the same time.

I decided my first order of business would be to nail down a caterer. After plenty of research and lots of tasting delicious meals, we decided to go with Festive Board. Now Festive Board isn’t the obvious choice for wedding catering simply because they don’t target the wedding scene as much as others. Let me tell you why we chose them. I dealt with the owner, Ed. There was no middle man, no manager, no assistant, taking my calls, it was Ed the entire way through. They also handle rentals. A one stop shop can be the difference between keeping your sanity and losing it. Ed took the time to listen to all my questions and concerns. He sat with us for our tasting, he is even making a specialty item that’s not on his regular menu. You may think this is just a little deli, but there is so much more here than meets the eye.


Since my caterer could handle all of my rentals, another big ticket item was off my list. Now, before I found festive board, I contacted Grand Rental Station of York. They were amazing, kind and patient as they worked up several rental quotes for me. Even though I ultimately did not need their services, I would highly recommend them for any of your rental needs.

My photographer was recommended to me by my hair stylist. His name is Justin Tearney, and if you take a look at his website you will know exactly why. Justin’s photos are natural and artsy. I personally was not looking for the traditional wedding photos, although I’m sure he could do that, I wanted something original. Justin is another one-man production. By that I mean, when you call his company, you get him. He is the person coming to your wedding. That meant a lot to me because, I feel like my wedding day is not the day I want to meet and greet with my photographer.

Once again, I went outside the box, and created my own beauty team. Hair was an easy choice. My dear friend Alana Schnoor, from Salon Nuevo in Lititz Pennsylvania, is the best of the best. Done deal. However, makeup was a more difficult choice. I have no objection to spending money for quality work, but I really couldn’t justify spending more on my makeup, than my gorgeous Jimmy Choo shoes. I got an awesome referral to Rianna Taylor at Salon Head Candy, in Cherry Hill NJ. Rianna was so easy to deal with, not to mention her work speaks for itself.

(Alana-Pictured above)


(Rianna-Pictured above)

Our DJ just happened to fall into our laps at a good friend’s wedding reception last summer. The two-man team was organized and fun, but most importantly they felt the vibe of the crowd. I mean is there anything worse than dancing at a wedding, having a good time, and then the “chicken dance” comes on? My husband and I are total music freaks so this was really important for our big day. Scott Gilbert and his partner, Allen Norton of DJ Mixmaster Productions are so awesome and so professional you would never know this is their side gig. They DJ because they love music. I think that’s awesome!

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I had a simple black and white invitation designed on and printed by Vista Print. For me personally, breaking the budget with paper products is not the way to go. I have thrown out each gorgeous wedding invitation I have ever received. No matter how much I love you, I’m not keeping it.

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CAKE, CAKE, CAKE, CAKE. I don’t even like cake but my grandmother insisted on a giant glamorous wedding cake. So Providence Divine Cakes is doing just that. The did an amazing job on my bridal shower cake, so I feel assured the wedding cake will be perfect.

wedding cakes


Dressing the bridal party can be difficult when everyone lives in a different city. I used Weddington Way to create a personalized showroom for my bridesmaids. I picked a style, designer, and fabric, narrowed the search down to what I was looking for, invited my friends to my showroom, and let them pick the exact dress from there. I loved giving the ladies their individuality while assuring ascetically pleasing photos.

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So those are my wedding staples. I’m super grateful that everything has come along the way it has, but I’ve got miles to go.

Keep following for Wedding Story Part-3 A DIY WEDDING.

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