Just A Few Favs

IMG_0120I’ve wanted to do this post forever and I just never get it done. So today is the day. These are some of my favorite old faithfuls and some of my new favs as well. I’m going to start with one of my favorite inventions EVER.


So if I am going out and about and really want my beehive to look good I use Big Sexy, it’s the best dry shampoo in my opinion. However, it’s not cheap. So if I’m just going to the grocery store and I’m greasy and gross , I’ll us this $2 guy by Suave. It’s not as good but it does the job for 2 bucks.


This is my hairspray dream team. The big sexy is actually root pump spray, but for big hair it is perfect. The Moroccan Oil finish spray smells amazing, feels amazing, and I love everything about it.


I actually found this CHI silk infusion by accident. I bought it thinking it was conditioner. So basically this is great to tame friz from blow drying or smooth and shine dry hair. Warning- a little goes a long long way. Do not dump this on your hair and do not apply at roots. You WILL be a grease-ball. Start with a pea size. Also, smells amazing !


On to skin care: So I could sit and preach all about Rodan and Fields and how I feel about their skincare. I won’t do that on this post , but I wanted to reach you ladies who go for facials. These two products are better than any facial I have ever had, and a fraction of the cost. I do it once a week or whenever my skin feels dull.


Makeup: So everyone knows I’m pretty die-hard MAC but I have some new goodies to share. This is a contour kit from Ulta, it’s cheap and it great for beginners. You can’t mess up so badly with this kit. Lots of contouring products are awesome, but you have to know what you are doing or you will be washing your face 100 times. Want to try contouring? Start here.


Now, once you nail contouring, go get yourself these guys. The girls at Ulta will help you.


I’m going to finish this post out with stila used for the perfect “bold lip” and a stila/sephora combo “cat eye”. You know I did not do this cat eye. I’m still struggling over here. My girl Heather created this look for me and she did a fabulous job. Stila made the bold lip really easy and it lasted all day! Heather made the cat eye look easy, but I dunno. Try it for yourself.

IMG_0235 (2)


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