School Bus Assholes

Hey Ya’ll

So school has started or is starting in the next day or two. Just a friendly PSA to brush up on your school bus rules. OK, first of all let’s remember when we were kids on the school bus. Yes, that’s right, I didn’t have one of those booshie ass childhoods. I rode the school bus. Yes, kids picked on me and I am semi -traumatized from the school bus, but that is not the point. The point is;

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#1: Parents remind your kids not to be an asshole on the school bus. Don’t be an asshole to other kids or the driver. Basically, remind your kids not to be an asshole in life.

#2: Parents, don’t YOU be an asshole. Don’t pass a school bus when the “STOP” sign is out. I don’t give a shit if you are running late. That is not my problem. Yes, school buses are slow and stop a lot, but people’s babies are on that bus. Also, when school is in give yourself enough time to stop for the buses.

#3: Any big yellow object is a “school bus”. Just because it’s a school van or school transport doesn’t mean the rules don’t apply. Don’t be an asshole (please see #2).

#4. Driving a school bus is hard. I have trouble backing my mid-size into my driveway, so I can’t imagine a bus full of screaming hooligans. Go ahead, try to do it, just saying.

#5. You just trusted one person to drive your most prized possession. Maybe give that person a thanks, a smile, or a freaking Starbucks gift card. You spend hours on the PTA, well maybe think about how your kid gets to school every damn day. That’s the EDD (Every-Damn-Day).

This post was inspired by a few ladies. My own childhood bus driver, a good friend who drives for my alma mater, and of course my own sweet mom.

My Mom drives mentally and physically handicapped kids in her yellow van. She takes her job and her kids very seriously. She loves her kids just as much as she loves me and it only takes one “asshole” to ruin her whole day.  Don’t ruin my mamma’s day, please.

I Love you Lori K


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