For my Pet People

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I have received quite a few messages asking about pets. If I have them, if I’ll write about them, what my favorite pet products are. So here we go, my pet people. We currently have a 6-year-old boxer, Fred. Fred is my first boxer so he has taught me a lot. Here is my favorite dog stuff. Woof.


Elevated dog bed- This bed is awesome if you have a dog that sweats and then starts to stink. Fred, like most boxers has the tendency to smell like corn chips (has anyone else noticed that?), and makes everything around him smell too. This bed keeps him cool, so he is less smelly. The cover is a really strong mesh so it doesn’t really hold odor. Works good for outside use as well because it keeps your pup out of the dirt and grass. Downside, it’s large and difficult to move. So if a dog bed is not part of your furniture layout, this may not be for you.  We got ours from sky mall, believe it or not.


Greenies pill pockets- If your dog has to take medication, especially daily, you know the struggle is real. Fred takes thyroid meds and I would die without pill pockets. In three years he has probably only ever spit his pill out twice. Also, Fred has a super sensitive stomach and we have never had an issue with Greenies. Downside, they can be pricey. I suggest buying them from amazon. I found a pretty big savings by ordering them with my “subscribe and save” discounts.



Thunder Leash- I really like this leash because you can use it as a regular leash or a harness leash. While I would probably pick a full chest harness for a younger pup, this works nice for an adult dog. Fred has a short burst of energy when we first leave the house and the harness makes him easier to handle. Then when he settles down, I turn it into a regular leash. Great quality and easy to adjust. Downside, unless it is adjusted “just right” it will slip on a short haired dog. I imagine a fluffy dog would hold the harness in place a little better.



Kong dog toys- So the word “indestructible” is thrown around all the time with dog toys. That is not the case with most. The Kong brand has been my “go to” toy since living #boxerlife. I would rather pay a little more for a Kong toy than worry about my dog or kids choking on the little pieces of  rubber when they fall apart.  Downside, these toys are heavy rubber. Like if you run into a giant Kong bone, your little toes are going to feel it. Props to you if your dogs or kids put their toys away.



Sentry Petrodex dental kit- “I love to brush my dogs’ teeth”, said NO person ever. The all-around bristles on this guy make it a little easier to actually clean the dogs’ teeth; while he is chomping on your hand in efforts to clench his jaw and just lick off the “doggie paste”. Speaking of doggie paste, the toothpaste that comes with this set does not make me gag. This kit also comes with the finger scrubby to get those hard to reach teeth. Downside, you still have to brush your dog’s teeth.



I’ll leave you guys with a few photos of Freddie. Fred has expressed interest in becoming a larger part of the blog. He has also expressed interest in obtaining his own Instagram and Twitter accounts. However, Fred has yet to stay awake long enough to pursue his social media dreams.


4 thoughts on “For my Pet People

  1. Loved your post on Fred ( aka Bailey ) and all the great things you buy for him. Also loved the pic of Fred and Eva, but then I am pretty fond of my Granddaughter! LOVE HER and her MOM

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