Pre-School Basics

So even as I type that I laugh. Why? Because there is nothing “BASIC” about pre-school. My plan was to keep our 3-year old home with me for one more year. Her birthday is late October, so next year pre-school and then on to Kindergarten.

Ha, this summer I have discovered that my sweet girl is no longer interested in anything I have to teach her, or anything I have to say for that matter. We used to do flash cards and games and ABC mouse, but these days she is more interested in “push mummy as far as I can before she loses her shit”. So with our 18 month old at home as well, pre-school it is.

I did my research, I called my friends, I read reviews. I guess everyone else decided on pre-schools last year because all I got was “wait-list”. Finally, I squeezed my babe into a larger school, and that’s fine right? It’s all downhill from here right? NO. No, it is not.

Pre-school does not only cost as much as a year in community college, but the acceptance paperwork is as lengthy as well.  So get these 28 pages of paper work done, 6 emergency contacts that are verified and can be here in 20 mins, health records, shot records, behavior evaluation, a giant check, and a visit from the teacher, in the next 24 hours and you are in.

What? I have to clean my house for the teacher to come, that’s all I hear. It’s all good, we made it and we are in. First day of school down. Early dismissal all this week and then I have to start packing nutritional and fun lunches. Ha, as if my tuition shouldn’t cover lunch. What-ev, I’m off to Pinterest to research that shit. Tell me about your pre-school experience.


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