Pre-School Basics – Part 2

Just a little follow up to yesterday’s post, where I was ranting and raving about enrolling my daughter in college, I mean pre-school. So what I didn’t tell you guys is that yesterday I got to stay in the classroom and observe. Today was our first drop off day.


Does this little baby look like she can be dropped off??? OK, fine this is an old picture, but she still looks like this to me.

When I saw my tiny little beauty with her giant “Frozen” backpack walk out of our front door this morning, my heart sank like the Titanic. She is too little for me to just drop off! Are you serious? My head began pounding and my inner mom was screaming “No Way! You can’t do this”. “Just forget it and keep her home”. My more rational inner mom kept me calm and told me she was so excited to go to school.

We listened to track two of the new Adele CD three times on the way, and she sang her little heart out each time. Every stop light I looked in the rear view mirror and my eyes filled with tears. When we arrived in the parking lot, my babe was dying to get inside. I was dying to lie and tell her school was closed.

The large atrium filled up quickly and my sweet little butterfly was chatting with anyone she could. I was sweating and feeling nauseated. A little girl we had met yesterday was feeling shy and my girl went to her side right away. When my baby didn’t find her cubby on the first try I wanted to grab her and run out of the classroom. “Ahhhh! I knew she wasn’t ready for this”. As I was planning our escape, my baby was finding her friends and her seat. I looked at the teacher and said “get lost right?”. She laughed and gave me a sweet smile. I hugged my preschooler and left.

On the way home the car was silent. Little sister wasn’t saying anything either. Half way home, track two came on the radio, and I felt the tears welling as I swallowed my heart.

Thank Jesus Lord it’s a short day and we are leaving to pick up in a half an hour. I’m not usually one of those sobby-wobby moms, but today I am struggling.


More old pictures that seem like yesterday. Excuse me while I weep.


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