A Political Rampage- Part Two

So many completely messed up things have happened throughout this election. I came out of the primaries trying to be an adult. You know, listen to the issues and proposed solutions. Respectfully hear my fellow Americans perspectives, even the ones I don’t agree with. It became very apparent, that was NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. So I decided my stellar sense of humor was the only way I’d make it out alive. Here are some of the funniest things I’ve taken from the election.

#1. Twitter is now necessary to stay up on current press. At first it was super frustrating to explain to my Grandmother what Twitter was, and how I knew about it. After a few months she began asking where she could get a Twitter magazine so I didn’t have to recap for her. I just can’t with that, I just can’t.

#2. The baby boomers have taken to Facebook. I personally thank God every day that my Grandma thinks Twitter is a magazine. Some of you are not as lucky.  The BB’s are all over it guys. They went from posting cute puppy pictures to political “Rambo” style sharing. The worst part is explaining to them that not all articles on Facebook are not reliable. In fact, most of them are not. So you must sit your grandparents down and explain to them that a blog is an OPINION PIECE. No actual factual evidence there. Again, I got lucky, My G-ma thinks I write a magazine named “blog”. Don’t get me wrong I love the Baby Boomers, and it’s our fault they are social media menaces. We are the ones running around with our smart phones up our asses. Looking to Google for our every answer. We have made them believe the internet knows all. So suck it up and explain to your Granny why you un-friended her.

#3. It’s almost election day and I still don’t have an answer to any real questions. For instance; What in the Hell is the plan for our country? Any sort of plan sharing has been super vague, and just briefly touched on before all hell breaks loose again.  The debates were very much like watching my 4 and 2-year old’s fight. You want to get off the couch and break it up, but you’re also sort of dying to see what happens next. Mostly you just want it to stop, so you can go to bed. After each debate, you just sit there, a little drunk, wondering what you just watched.

#4. Celebrities have been forced to come out with whom they support. That ruins a lot of dreams. If your favorite actor/singer supports the opposition, it changes your opinion of them. That sucks because celebrities are here or us to fantasize about, not to have actual opinions and shit.

#5 Late night TV is funnier than ever before. I really thought Tina Fey as Sarah Palin could not be topped. (Still not sure it can be). I also thought that Sarah Palin would go down in history as the most ridiculous political figure of my time. That was blown the F out of the water. So unless you have completely lost your sense of humor, SNL and Jimmy Fallon are offering some of the best therapy for our election blues.


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