A Political Rampage – Part One

First of all, I just want to offer up full disclosure this post gets pretty raw. I might even begin making up new cuss words on this one. So if you are offended by strong language, turn the page.

I cannot fucking wait for election day to be over. Maybe after next Tuesday we can stop berating each other over a political choice. I’m actually more disgusted by the American people than Hill and Don.  Not everyone of course, but A LOT. Some of you are so savage, going so hard on your opponents, you would think either of the two candidates actually gave a shit about you.

They don’t, and they are probably not going to change your life that much. Sure there is a chance one of them may end up behind bars. There is also a chance one of them might get our country nuked. More likely though, the hateful things you have said during this election will affect your life much more.

I hardly remember the candidates from the 2004 election. Maybe 12 years from now I’ll feel the same “blah-blah” way about this election. One day I’ll be really old and I won’t even remember who won this election. You know what I won’t forget? Hateful and offensive things people have said in representation of their political party.

I literally had no idea I knew so many people who would show their ass, and put their personal reputation on the line for either of these two ego maniacs. Like are ya’ll getting paid? Now please don’t get me wrong, I’m no saint. I make inappropriate jokes like it’s my job, but it’s all in good fun, and I know my audience. Some of ya’ll are up on Facebook yelling racial slang and posting mutilated bodies. That makes you a political tool bag. (In my opinion)

And really, what do I know? Maybe we are all one “pussy grab” away from a better America.  Please just cast your vote and stop treating your fellow Americans like shit! For fuck sake!

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