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I started this investigation for myself and after everything I found, I have to share. The fact of the matter is I don’t just want to be able to defend myself, my kids, and my home; I don’t want to ever be in the position where I have to. My goal is to get you guys protected, so you don’t have to defend.

Let’s start with the obvious. Only two of the ladies I talked to had a traditional security system. People invest in monitored security system programs to protect themselves, but also their assets. The fact is; these systems and programs are so expensive, the cost often out-weighs the assets you are protecting. Bottom line, it’s just not an option for everyone.

  • Buuuuuuuut, just because you don’t have a security system, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look like you do. These stickers and signs can be purchased on eBay or amazon.


  • These clever little guys are also a huge help. They will sound as a chime or as an alarm when a door or window is opened. Well worth the money. I’m a big fan of the chime on doors because it also alerts me if one of my children were to open a door.


  • My favorite security feature is a big scary dog. Again, just because you don’t have one doesn’t mean you can’t front like you do. I’m pretty sure dogs are the number one intruder deterrent. Doorbell rings, sound this guy off, and yell “come on Killer, let’s see who’s at the door”. Also, sounding an aggressive bark before a service or repair person enters your home. “One moment, let me put my dog away”. There are also apps available that do this sort of service.


  • Along the same lines, and cost virtually nothing!


  • Speaking of noise makers. Keeping one of these on your key ring could save your life.


  • Now let’s do a little handy work. Replace the screws in your doors. Long screws are going to make it incredibly difficult to break your door in. Top locks are going to slow an intruder down big time!


  • Keep door windows or windows close to doors covered. You don’t want someone on the outside to see what kind of lock situation they are working with. If you don’t have a window close by you can peep out of, install a peep hole. Opening your door even an inch can be enough for someone to force themselves in.


  • DO NOT leave your garage door opener in your car. Someone breaks in your car; they can open your garage. Those can be expensive to reprogram and replace.


  • Basement windows you guys! Spend the money to secure these! Have them closed permanently, boarded, locked, whatever you have to do! Especially, if a person can fit through, even a child sized person.



  • Trim up those shrubs, bushes, and trees. You may think they are giving you security by not allowing someone to see in, but they are in fact giving an intruder a place to hide. Anything that can camouflage a person is too big.


  • Lights, Lights, Lights!!! No intruder wants to be seen. If your house is lit up like a Christmas tree, there is a good chance they will keep it moving. This goes for apartments too. If your parking, entrance , hall, or door lights are out, call and demand it be taken care of immediately. It is 100% your right as a renter to be safe. Home owners, lights are not negotiable. Give yourself a little room in the budget for outside lighting. Your safety is worth it.



So if you’re not already freaked out, let’s talk about things you do everyday that make you an easy target.

  • Following the same routine. Do you come home at 5pm and leave for the gym at 5:30pm everyday? Do you park in the same spot everyday? Do you come home late regularly? Are you always on the phone while walking to the door? If you know your routine like the back of your hand, anyone paying attention does too.
  • Checking in all over social media. If you think your accounts are “private”, they aren’t. Stop checking in and turn your location settings off. I’ve been guilty of it too. “Hey, everyone I have ever known, I’m on vacation and my house will be empty for a week!”
  • Being distracted. Texting or talking while walking to your car. Sitting in your car answering texts and emails. If your in the car, lock the doors immediately. If you feel someone watching or following you, be loud, sound your horn or alarm. Look directly at the person. They don’t want to be identifiable. Carry pepper spray in parking garages and be prepared to use it.


OK, I’m going to leave you guys with a few more links to check out. I hope this can help you out and keep you safe.

xoxo better safe than sorry,


P.S. Thanks to my security question volunteers !


Take Some Small Steps to Improve Your Home Security #infographicYou can also find more infographics at Visualistan

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  1. You know what I say about safety, especially for women, buy a gun and get a concealed carry permit. Check with your state permit laws first. And by all means carry Pepper spray always !

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