Gifts that don’t suck

The holiday season can be so daunting when it comes to gift giving. I like to give thoughtful gifts, but also something that is useful. Most of the gifts here are things friends and family have given me throughout the years. Verified awesome stuff that didn’t go to the back of my closet and die. So here we go.


YETI– When my husband told me he was going to spend $30 on a travel mug, I damn near lost my mind. However, I was dead wrong. YETI is amazing at keeping things cold or hot, totally worth it. This is an awesome gift because lots of people won’t splurge on something like this for themselves, but they will love it. The Yeti Rambler is my personal favorite. Perfect for the coffee addict in your life.



Graphic Tees– These are super popular right now, and there is literally something for everyone. This is a thoughtful and witty gift. A fun comfy T-shirt is always welcome. Finding the perfect graphic T is an easy google search away. Pinterest has a ton of ideas, as well as


Oils– No, not massage oils, that’s creepy.  Essential oils are an great gift for anyone. Perfect for the holistic person in your life. Everyone can benefit from the use of oils. If you already have an oil enthusiast in the mix, grab them a diffuser, some spray bottles, or an Essential Oil book. The possibilities are endless.



Subscriptions– I like subscriptions because they have a more personal feeling than gift cards. If you know a person on the planet without Amazon Prime, buy it for them. Zoo memberships are awesome for family gifts. Ipsy bag, Scent Bird, Spotify, the list goes on and on. I personally love magazine subscriptions for a mom or granny. If you have a gluten free, dairy free, vegan to buy for, there is a magazine for that. (I’m going to give you an awesome tip here.) Use a Visa gift card to buy any gift subscriptions, that way you won’t get hit with the automatic re-enrollment when the subscription is up.



AAA Club- is also an awesome gift. My parents bought it for me every year at Christmas, and it saved my ass so many times. This gift is especially helpful to the person in your life who leaves their lights on and is constantly running out of gas. It says “I care about you too much to leave you stranded on the side of the road”.


Gift Baskets– Not the ones you buy in the center of the mall, with the freeze dried salami. Making your own gift kit is easy, but really thoughtful. It also fits a lot of price ranges. You can spend as little or as much as you’d like. If you have someone who travels a lot, grab a bunch of travel size toiletries, put them in a cute travel case, and call it a day. Having a pre-packed toiletry bag saves a ton of time and stress. I am currently in love with these cases from Makeup Junkie

makeup junkie

For the new home owners, a tool box with the standard essentials is always a win. Hammer, screwdriver, nails, picture hangers, level, tape measure, all the stuff every home owner needs. Same concept for crafters, sewers, cooks, and artists.

Booze– Let’s not forget a little holiday cheer. If you are buying a gift for someone you don’t know well, like perhaps a host gift, coworker, weird cousin, here are some alternatives to the standard bottle of wine. Even people who don’t drink usually stock a standard bar for guests. Vodka is in my opinion the most standard liquor option. Pravda is my go to vodka, it’s a high-end liquor, and has a very attractive bottle.


You can always couple a bottle with a small set of glasses. There are so many creative options in bar-ware these days. Champagne and toasting flutes are a great general gift. Even if the recipient doesn’t like it, they can easily re-gift it.


Personalized Items– giving a personalized gift really makes people feel special. This Door Mat was gifted to me and I loved it so much, I gave one as a housewarming gift soon after. Name signs and monograms are all the rage right now. This is a way to give a personal gift without driving yourself crazy.


This site has quality products, and you can find something for everyone. 

Alright, there you have it. I’d love to hear what your favorite gift ideas are.

Happy Shopping,




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