Spring Fashion- back to the 90’s

Hey ladies,

I am so sick of this cold ass weather I could die. I’m done buying sweaters for the year, moving on. So I’ve been scouring around, looking at what’s coming this spring. The 90’s are back in a BIG way you guys. Every single one of these looks could be found in any re-run of Saved by the Bell. I’m dying to hear what you are excited to see is back. I also want to hear which of these is making you cringe.

Let’s start with…

The Giant Blazer-

I’m a fitted blazer kind of gal, but I am excited to see my husband’s wardrobe just opened up to me. That’s kind of a win/win right?

IMG_8697 (1)


Embroidered Denim-

I’ve seen this coming for a while, but we are full force my friends.



The Layered Look-

I’m not going to lie, this was my jam back in the day. Mostly because I was too young to wear those cute, slutty little tops. Putting them over a fitted tee was perfection. I’m pumped the look is back!



High Straight Mom Jeans-

I feel terrible about this because I spent years convincing my Mom to ditch these, now look.

IMG_8710 (1)


Fat Heels-

You know this is just the beginning, Spice Girl shoes will be back by next year.



Last, but certainly not least……


I don’t even know what to say right now. I need more time to absorb this.


Can’t wait to hear from you guys!!!


Slightly 90’s Sarah




Items above can be found at Express or H&M



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