Glam up my Trash- Part One

So “Glam up my Trash” was inspired a couple months ago when my husband and were going over our budget. We realized that we were $15-$20 ourselves to death. So we decided to really buckle down for a few weeks. Buy only the necessities and see what we “actually” spent. Awesome idea right? Yea, but how am I supposed to continuously update my home decor with amazing things that I totally NEED?



BAM! Pinterest to the rescue! These are some of my favorite makeovers that cost little to no mullah $$$.

This guy is the best, but he also took the most work. My Grandma bought this buffet table for me years ago at a yard sale.  I’ve always loved the awesome detail, but HATED the ugly wood color. This piece is a little real wood and a little pressed wood, but it didn’t matter for what I did here. The old super thick varnish did most of the work for me ,honestly. I slapped black paint (pic below) on with a crappy old brush. Just like I was doing a primer coat and it crackled up really nicely. I scuffed the ends with a worn out piece of sand paper laying on the floor of the garage and ta-dah. The mirror is plastic, spray painted copper, re-spray painted gloss black and scuffed. Done deal! I clear coated both pieces and now they live in my entry way. SCORE!

FullSizeRender (3).jpg IMG_2274.JPG IMG_0778.JPG

IMG_0776.JPG IMG_0780.JPG



On to the next. I lived with these cheap looking door knobs for way, way , way too long. I took these bad boys off, wiped them clean, sprayed them with my favorite spray paint, and DONE. Now when I did these I was in “crazy-get ready for a party” mode, so I didn’t take the time to finish them with a clear coat. Don’t be an asshole like me, finish them with a clear coat. My rings have gauged several of them and I need to take them off, touch them up and clear coat them.

IMG_1113.JPG Attachment-1.gif



Now you can call me a cheap bitch here if you want, but I’m not into paying $8 for a outlet cover you are never going to see. I also don’t like doing things half -assed. This, my friends, is compromise. For outlet covers that are always going to be behind a piece of furniture or a light switch cover that lives in a closet, I spray. Yes, with the same magic spray paint up above. Guess what? I didn’t clear coat or scuff sand these cheap plastic covers, and no scratches yet. BIG WIN




This guy was headed for the trash when my husband saved it. We don’t burn in it anymore because clean-up is just a giant pain in the ass. However, hubby “likes” it, so I gave it a makeover. I’m into the rustic terra cotta look, but you could totally spray paint to get the look you want . Standard plastic pot ( the free one that comes with the damn plant ) from Home-Depot fits perfectly in the top. Old dinner plate on the bottom wood rack, with another plant. So cute, and I’m recycling water here kids! The top plant actually waters the bottom plant. SWEET.


So that’s “Glam up my Trash” for today loves. I have lots of cheap “Glam it up” stuff to keep updating, so subscribe to this blog. Like, Comment and tell me how you “Glam” up your trash !


Crafty Bitch on a Budget

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