Terrible Two’s, My A$$

Terrible two’s …PSSSSHHHHHH

Whoever said the “terrible 2’s” are the worst needs a good punch in the face. You know why? Because that is a lie. Two year olds have nothing on three years old. Let me just tell ya.

Image result for kid picking nose clipart

All 3 years old do is ask why. “Why put my shoes on?” “Why go to the potty?” “Why eat my lunch?” “Why it’s bedtime?” I’ll tell you WHY kid. How about you’ll step on glass, pee your pants, and be starving if you don’t! And hey, it’s bedtime because you have been at this shit for hours and mommy is out of explanations! How’s that? GO TO BED!

They become aggressive. How in the hell did my sweet little baby girl turn into a possessed demon? One minute it’s all good, and the next they are screaming and swinging at you. Why? O, that’s right, because Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is over. Not your fault, but demon baby doesn’t care.

Back Talk. “Don’t pick your nose, honey.” “Don’t pick your nose, mommy.” What? First of all, I don’t pick my nose you little jerk. But if I did, it would be my prerogative, because I am an adult dammit.

Manipulation. Yep, they have it mastered by 3. The three-year-old will push you as far as they can and then give you that sweet baby smile. Sweet baby eyelash flutter. Sweet baby “I love you, mommy”, and YOU ARE TOAST!

I adore my little babes, and time really does fly, but this age should come with a warning label.

Happy Parenting Dolls,

Losing her shit mommy of a 3 year old 

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