Happy Slump-Day

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Hey guys, back from vacation for about two weeks now and I have written you guys a few posts. None of them are finished or edited yet, because basically I am in a slump. I try to always write as honestly as I can, so today this is what ya get.

My motto as a mom is “get up and get your shit together”. I want my kids to have actual childhoods in which they are not dealing with adult problems. So whatever is going on with me, I try to stay positive and up-beat. Usually focusing on my blessings and looking for the good in a bad situation can straighten my perspective.

The past couple of weeks have been really difficult as a human. We have all seen such tragedy all over the news and all over the world. A little closer to home, we had a death in the family, after a very long illness. When dealing with illnesses, it’s a sadness and relief when they are no longer suffering. The grief process tends to be a little different. Explaining all of this to our 3-year-old is something I have yet to tackle.

Also, this week a very special young person from my home town passed tragically. I have not seen her in person for years, but knowing a young mother has been taken from her children really eats at me. I think all mothers struggle with their own mortality, leaving our children before they are grown is just a very disturbing thought.

When I woke up this morning, I was just crabby right away. I have all these damn projects started at my house and nothing is getting finished. It’s so hot outside, the kids can’t even be out for 10 minutes. So of course any outdoor projects are at a standstill. Like my half painted fence, that looks like total hell. Pretty much everything I have planned this week has turned to shit. My e-mails are piled up and I hate that, especially when you guys write to me. I love your messages, and I really try to reply in a timely manner.

So anyways, this is my slump. I feel like we all get here sometimes; all the little things add up. Or big things happen, we try to stay happy for our kids but we don’t always fake it well.

After breakfast, I apologized for being grouchy this morning. Then I got dressed, did my best cat-eye, put on some lipstick and got my shit together. We ran errands today, and I let the girls eat pop-tarts for lunch. The pop-tarts with sprinkles that taste like cake. After naps, we are going to brave the heat with some SPF 50 and take a ride on this ridiculously giant swan. How can you not smile riding on this giant swan? It’s take out for dinner and to hell with my projects! Happy Slump Day !



Tell me how you get out of your slump!

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