The Dreaded HOLIDAY Card

Image result for christmas cards on mantle

Once again Christmas card season is upon us. I mean, can we call it a Christmas card? Do we have to call it a holiday card? I don’t know what to call it, but I do know I’m late. My social media feeds are already packed full of adorable family photos which will inevitably become Christmas cards. I have yet to even schedule a photo session. I’m just not into it this year. Usually my Christmas cards are my pride and joy. This year there is a good chance it might not even happen. Let me tell you why.

First of all, this year has been so cray! Every day it’s something. It’s dance class, pre-school, therapy, holiday parties, birthday parties, doctors’ appointments, grocery store, not to mention someone in this house is always sick. We are off of all official kid activities this week, and I’m trying desperately not to leave the house. The last damn thing I want to do is dress my family and drag them to a photo shoot. Also, my photo shoot joy was trampled by my husband this year.

I already had two dresses in mind for the girls, when my hubby announced that he had an opinion this year. Apparently, my husband has been questioning how I dress our children for some time. It’s OK, no big deal. Even though I have actually dressed people for a living, like picked outfits for a paycheck. That’s fine. My husband whom has never been a stylist, can pick the outfits this year. At least I got some help, right?

That brings me to my next gripe. I spend hours and hours on these cards. Perfecting the design, comparing prices on printing companies, looking for coupons, addressing envelopes, running out for stamps 16 times. I do this all on my own. I also take the fall all on my own when we forget to send a card to someone. No one has ever blamed a man for not sending them a Christmas card. Talk about inequality.

And the finale; holiday cards are a small fortune of time and money. A small fortune that ends up in the trash can on December 26th.

I’m going to stop bitching now and just start the card process, because we all know it’s going to happen.

First a look at Christmas cards past.

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