A Gentleman’s Gift Giving Guide


Obviously, my blog is usually geared toward women, but not today. Today, I want to help the male species give good gifts (say that 3 times fast).

Men; giving your significant other a thoughtful is crucial to your happiness. I’m talking less bitching, more football, pass on forgetting the garbage, possibly even sex. Ya’ll need to get your gift game tight. OK?

#1. Skip the jewelry store. I know, you can’t believe I just said that. Here’s the truth; unless your lady has given you a specific piece of bling she wants, don’t just roll up to Jared’s, or Kay’s. You are going to spend a few hundred dollars on something that will likely sit in her jewelry box 90% of the time. Most women feel jewelry is personal, and it should be. Go to etsy.com, search hand stamped, search personalized, it can be an overwhelming site, but you can do it. Anything with her children’s initials, your initials, anniversary date, any special date really. It’s casual and trendy, but most importantly it’s personal. She is going to wear this piece more often because it’s casual, she’s not afraid she will lose it, or a diamond will fall out.

Also, consider a costume watch. These are really fun and they are going to be running awesome sales. Check with your favorite department store. My fossil watches have worn so well. Fossil makes Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, AX, DKNY, and Skagen, just to name a few. Again, get a gift receipt so she can exchange it.

#2. We are staying thoughtful guys. This one is easy. Go to your girl’s dresser or vanity. Find the bottle that is pulled out, or the scent you know she always wears, go buy it. Most fragrances are expensive, so we ration it. I mean, I can break into a Chanel bottle in 30 seconds to get every last drop of that overpriced liquid gold. Even if the bottle isn’t empty, it’s nice to have backup. WARNING: If wifey switches fragrances often or doesn’t have a favorite, don’t go off on your own. Just skip it, or get her a Sephora gift card. I say Sephora because you can get EVERY fragrance there.

Image result for 2016 most popular perfumes


#3. Since we are talking about Sephora and overpriced shit. What is your lady’s “indulge” purchase? The things she really loves, but feels guilty spending money on. This may require some thought. For example: mine is makeup. I love expensive makeup, but find it hard to justify paying photo-shoot prices for trips to the grocery store and PTA meetings. No, I have not lost my mind. I DO NOT expect you to pick out your wife’s makeup. However, a gift card to a fancy makeup counter or Sephora says, “Hey babe, I know you feel guilty indulging in $30 eyeshadow, but you deserve it.” BAM! #husbandwin #thoughtful

Here are a few more ideas.

Tory Burch flats


Michael Kors purse/ wallet


Kate Spade accessories


Workout gear (only if she works out, this will not go well otherwise.)

Designer Sunglasses.


#4. Let me straighten out a common misconception. Lingerie is for YOU, not her. She says she likes it because she loves you. I’m not suggesting you skip Victoria’s Secret, just do it in a more thoughtful way. Almost every woman I know could use a new bra and some new panties. Again, not something we splurge on often. This takes a little effort but your work will be appreciated, I promise. Take a look at the bra your wife wears most of the time. The tag by the hook will give you a size and possibly a name. Undies will give you the same info. This is just like a giant matching game guys. Take this info to a lingerie sales person and let them help you. Telling a lingerie sales person that you want to buy your wife underwear she will actually want, is 100% less creepy than silently grabbing a lace thong and looking down in shame through checkout. Don’t stress yourself out, this stuff comes with a gift receipt, so if it’s wrong she can exchange it. I guarantee the effort you put into this will pay off.


#5. Make her a stocking. How many stockings does your girl make? You, the kids, the dog, friends? She deserves the same surprise on Christmas morning! This is the easiest gift of all. A bottle of her favorite wine, a book, DVD, decent chocolate. Want to score major points? Grab a Chapstick, hand lotion, pack of hair ties, fuzzy socks, chewing gum, k-cups, you really can’t mess this up.

Alright guys, hopefully you are on the track to awesome gift giving! Happy Shopping!

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