when you get knocked down-part 3

And we made it! Just that I didn’t have a breakdown is a miracle.

 ” developmental delay ” are the sweetest words I have ever heard.

 You may think I’m crazy for saying that, but I don’t care at all. When things like ” mutism”, ” brain tumor“, “autism”, are thrown out. Developmental delay sounds like ” ice cream sundaes & unicorn turds”.

Now I want to take a moment for the parents who were not as lucky as me. The parents who got the scary words. I want to take a moment to praise ya’ll and recognize you for your next steps, which will not be as easy as mine.

Although, I felt prepared to do the battle you guys will do, I cannot walk in your shoes. Please know that me and my family are all praying for your babies as hard as we were praying for baby E. My relief for my own child in no way diminishes your struggle. It also in no way diminishes the love for all children and the partnership that parents should have. Truly we are all one checkup away from walking in each other’s shoes. So please do not forget to have empathy.

For right now we are doing some speech therapy. Some exercises at home. And some hard love so that baby E learns to communicate her needs in more than just grunts and tears.

Speaking of tears, there have been a lot. Hers and mine. We are learning together, working together. Progressing together.

We will make it because I have faith in you and I.

God has faith in ” us “.

P.S.  I puked my brains out every night for a week because my nerves were so bad .

Please when your scared and hurting don’t be afraid to reach out .

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