Who gives a shit about Decorative Pillows?


I just need to vent about a few things really quick. I’m sure some of you guys can relate and some of you have much bigger problems, so my apologies in advance.

-First of all, my almost 4-year-old has been in pre-school for a full month now. That means for an entire month at least one person in my house has been sick at all times. There has yet to be one day when I don’t get snot smeared on my shirt.

-At least she passed the never ending cold to the littlest one in time for school today. So I get myself and the rats dressed and ready to go. While loading into the car I realize the baby carrier is gone. Yes, it is in my husband’s car and he is at work. We thought we were so freaking clever buying two bases, one for each car, HA-HA. A lot of damn good two bases do you when you forget the freakin’ carrier!

-So we are missing school today. Which is basically the end of the world for the almost 4-year-old. I mean she was completely inconsolable. Sobbing “what will my class do without me”. Get it together kid, they will do the same thing as when you’re there. Of course I didn’t say that. I tried to explain that it was an accident, and mommy and daddy forgot to switch the car seats, and daddy’s at work, blah, blah. Whatever, I gave her a piece of chocolate and a movie, that ended that.

-I just wanted my Tuesday with only one snot nose for like 4 hours. F that! Snot nose #2 didn’t even take a nap. Also, there is a guarder snake (I think) terrorizing me and the dog. I’ve seen him a handful of times, so I’m pretty sure he is living under my deck. That’s not OK Mr. Snake! You’re freaking me out!

-We got a good deal on an iPad, so we put one of those child covers on it. Like a $40 cover (INSANITY). The girls had it for like 15 mins while I was doing laundry. I come back to find them face-timing one of my husband’s old co-workers while listening to a podcast called “sex ship”. I don’t even know how to find a podcast, let alone turn it off. Every app was running, so the damn thing froze and I couldn’t turn it off. Needless to say “sex ship” played until the battery died. Don’t worry I sent the kids to the other room. And just in case you’re wondering, it was not nearly as interesting as it sounds.

-There have got to be at least a few hundred dollars’ worth of perfectly good toys in this house. So tell my why in the hell the only thing these kids want to do is throw my decorative pillows on the floor and jump on them. Never mind that, please tell me why in the hell I even have decorative pillows? Who gives a shit about decorative pillows, let’s just live life animals?

OK, I’m done! Love you guys xoxo


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